Joe Biden's Latest Rambling of Words on CNN Continues to Not Instill Confidence for a Trump Debate

Posted: Apr 17, 2020 11:00 AM
Joe Biden's Latest Rambling of Words on CNN Continues to Not Instill Confidence for a Trump Debate

Source: AP Photo/Paul Vernon

Former Vice President Joe Biden's latest appearance on CNN continues to show that the last Democratic presidential candidate is not ready for a one-on-one debate with President Trump.

Biden, 77, was on CNN for a town hall with anchor Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta to discuss the ongoing Wuhan coronavirus pandemic and how it looks as though the United States will begin to lift the lockdowns in some parts of the country.

Biden attempted to discuss how President Franklin Delanor Roosevelt created the War Production Board during World War II to increase materials and equipment for combat. Instead, Biden stumbled on his own repeatedly for almost a full 20 seconds.

Trump's reelection campaign was quick to post the video and instead of having to add any commentary of their own, they simply posted Biden's own words.

Needless to say, conservatives were gleeful at the prospect of Biden getting verbally pummeled by the quick-witted "because you'd be in jail" Trump.

Biden gaffes, both verbal and physical, are almost too many to keep track and as the campaign season rolls on, it does not bode well for the former Deleware senator. Even with the tough scheduling of campaigning across the country no longer an issue thanks to the coronavirus pandemic, Biden is still having trouble doing the basics of politicking as a major party's nominee.

Whip It (Whip It Good)
Derek Hunter

Comparing Biden's energy and performance to Trump's handling of the very long press conferences that occur on a daily basis to a much broader audience, it's night and day difference. Sure Trump has mixed up words every now and then, but people often forget how ruthless he was to members of his own party before he even got to Hillary Clinton in 2016. With his reelection at stake, it's to be sure Trump won't hold back the verbal punches.

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