AOC Says Minorities Disproportionately Dying From Coronavirus, Wants Reparations

Posted: Apr 03, 2020 2:55 PM
AOC Says Minorities Disproportionately Dying From Coronavirus, Wants Reparations

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

While the president is calling on Americans to come together to combat the coronavirus, leftists like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) are working hard to divide Americans in order to push through their radical agenda. They've all been taught to never let a good crisis go to waste.

The New York congresswoman and former bartender says government relief for the Wuhan coronavirus "should be drafted with a lens of reparations." According to the 30-year-old, black and brown communities are disproportionately suffering from the virus because of the evil actions of white people, such as "redlining, environmental racism, wealth gap, etc." 

The areas hardest hit by the coronavirus are currently populated urban areas that have large minority populations, true. But Americans are free to live anywhere they choose. When a tornado takes out a trailer park, no one demands reparations for the white people disproportionately impacted by the wrath of the tornado. 

Can't we all come together and demand reparations from China? They bequeathed this virus on the world, lied about it, and failed to warn countries about the scourge which they new this deadly virus would unleash. And, to top it off, China is still permitting its disgusting wet markets to operate. These markets were the breeding grounds for COVID-19, and it's only a matter of time until they cook up the next novel disease that'll wipe out millions of people, of all different colors, all over the world. Why doesn't AOC focus her ire on that?