MSNBC Giddy That Coronavirus 'May Be Donald Trump's Katrina'

Posted: Mar 06, 2020 7:15 PM

MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace was beaming as she discussed the possibility of the deadly coronavirus sweeping the country and killing an untold number of Americans. The reason for her glee? MSNBC and the rest of the mainstream media see an opportunity to direct the public's ire toward the president should the virus result in a deadly pandemic, which the media assures us is already here. The coronavirus originated in China and has quickly made its way around the world. 

Wallace, who worked in the Bush administration during the deadly storm, sees an opportunity for the media to blame President Trump for the virus the same way the media blamed President Bush for Hurricane Katrina. 

"We gave them a proof point that we were indeed incompetent and also people died," Wallace characterized the Bush administration's response to Katrina. "I mean, this has the making structurally for the same kind of moment for President Trump."  

The panel was optimistic that enough babies, friends, loved ones and old people would perish from the virus that Trump's solid base of support would finally begin to waver. 

"And if there's any a moment that would shake that 40 percent, the folks that would allow him to shoot someone right down fifth -- if there's any a moment, it's this one because it's babies, it's friends, it's loved ones," said Eddie Glaude Jr., an African American Studies professor. "And so it seems to me that this is an event that could take down the president." 

So there you have it. The liberal media discussing their next attempt to take down President Trump. They just need more Americans to die in the meantime.