Collins Says It's Time for Pelosi to Get Over Impeachment

Posted: Feb 16, 2020 3:15 PM

Speaker Nancy Pelosi can't stop talking about impeachment, which is weird because the president was acquitted earlier this month on the two articles that House Democrats managed to drum up against him. The Speaker wants everyone to believe the president is damaged goods and Trump will now remain "impeached forever." But Doug Collins isn't having it. The Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee told Fox and Friends on Sunday that what Speaker Pelosi keeps saying in interviews simply is "not true," and he encouraged Pelosi to "get over the disaster" that her and her fellow Democrats put the country through. 

"I think at this point Mrs. Pelosi needs to take a vacation," Collins began. "She needs to go clear her head. She needs to get over the disaster she put the country through last year. The president was acquitted forever. The president was put on trial in the Senate. Maybe she slept through it. I’m not sure. There was a trial, and the Senate said he did nothing wrong. They acquitted him and put this thing forward. We need to put this nightmare to bed. She needs to quit going on TV and saying 'he is impeached and tarnished forever' because it's not true."

Rep. Collins said the Speaker's "incessant drum beat" about impeachment is only helping the president's re-election efforts, and, as great as that is, encouraged the Speaker to turn her focus instead to the issues that actually matter to the American people.

"The only thing that is true is she is making everything political about about this president and the 2020 election," Collins continued. "This president is going to get reelected and a lot of it has to do with this incessant drum beat from the Speaker over things that went on in the House that were unfair to the president, unfair to the country and unfair to the American people. And we need to continue to focus on what matters to to the American people instead of her personal political agenda."