WATCH: CNN's Toobin Complains About 'All White Men' on Trump's Legal Team

Posted: Jan 25, 2020 3:10 PM

After Trump's legal team quickly and efficiently destroyed the Democrat's so-called impeachment case on Saturday, CNN Chief Legal Analyst Jeffrey Toobin was reduced to complaining about the whiteness of the president's legal defenders. 

Toobin began his in-depth legal analysis by stating, "White House and white people."

"This is a lesson in the diversity of the two parties," Toobin declared. "You look at the House managers. It was almost evenly divided between men and women. You had two African Americans. You had a Hispanic. It was all white men today."

The chief legal analyst admitted that there are "two white women allegedly on the team," but quickly added, "we'll see if they're allowed to argue." 

"You know, in a visual medium," Toobin continued, "when you have one side that has a very diverse team and the other side that's all white men, that says something in and of itself."

Not sure what the skin color of Trump's legal team is supposed to say, but I take it if CNN's chief legal analyst is left complaining about diversity then the arguments made by Trump's team on Saturday were devastating to the Democrats' impeachment efforts. And Trump's team managed to destroy the Democrats' case using just two of the three hours they were allotted. In theory, that's an extra hour for Congress to actually do something important.