Report: NYT Killed Story on Obama WH Meeting About Burisma and Hunter Biden

Posted: Jan 24, 2020 6:45 PM
Report: NYT Killed Story on Obama WH Meeting About Burisma and Hunter Biden

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Fox News Host Laura Ingraham told viewers on Wednesday that she uncovered information about a meeting that took place in Jan. 2016 among officials in the Obama White House, the alleged whistleblower and various Ukrainian officials. Discussed during the meeting were concerns about Hunter Biden's position on the board of Ukrainian company Burisma Holdings and how Hunter's position would impact prosecution efforts against the company. 

Ingraham reportedly obtained a copy of an email conversation between State Department official Kate Schilling and New York Times reporter Ken Vogel. The email chain shows the New York Times reporter was writing a story about the meeting in question, specifically the concerns about Hunter Biden and Burisma. 

(Via the Washington Examiner

On May 1, 2019, Vogel contacted State Department official Kate Schilling about a story he was working on regarding an Obama administration meeting in January 2016 with Ukrainian prosecutors and mentioned the name of the CIA analyst believed to be the whistleblower whose complaint sparked impeachment proceedings that led to two articles of impeachment: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Ingraham did not state the name of the alleged whistleblower — Fox News hosts are banned from doing so until the identity is confirmed — and blacked out the name when showing excerpts of documents. However, she likely was referring to Eric Ciaramella, who some Republicans and conservative media figures believe is the whistleblower.

In the email, Vogel wrote, "We are going to report that [State Department official] Elizabeth Zentos attended a meeting at the White House on 1/19/2016 with Ukrainian prosecutors and embassy officials as well as ... [redacted] from the NSC ... The subjects discussed included efforts within the United State government to support prosecutions, in Ukraine and the United Kingdom, of Burisma Holdings ... and concerns that Hunter Biden's position with the company could complicate such efforts."

Ingraham's team was able to corroborate the meeting took place by checking White House visitor records from the Obama administration. The records reveal the long-rumored whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella, checked-in numerous Ukrainian officials on January 19, 2016, the day of the meeting. The question then becomes why did The New York Times never run the story? Ingraham reached out to The Times for comment but was given basically a non-response: "Vogel's request for comment was consistent with their news-gathering process." 

As Ingraham pointed out, The Times squashed the story shortly after Joe Biden announced his run for president, as the email chain between The Times reporter and the State Department official are dated the week after Biden's campaign announcement. Was The Times protecting Joe Biden or did the Biden campaign manage to kill the story? 

It's obvious the Obama administration knew about the conflict of interest between the Biden family and U.S. foreign policy in Ukraine. The Democrats' own impeachment witness, former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, testified in her closed-door deposition that the Obama administration specifically prepped her to answer questions regarding Hunter Biden and Burisma during her Senate confirmation hearing.

The New York Times appears to have killed a report in order to protect the Democratic front-runner. And the rest of the media remains wholly uninterested in learning the details about the Obama administration's efforts to protect Hunter Biden as he made over $50,000 a month from a Ukrainian energy company while his father was the Obama administration's point man on Ukraine.