Chuck Todd: Trump Voters Believe in Fairytales and the Story of Noah's Ark

Posted: Dec 29, 2019 2:43 PM

An op-ed calling Trump supporters fairytale-believing white supremacists is considered news at NBC. "It was a fascinating attempt to try and explain why some people support the president," NBC News host Chuck Todd said Sunday on "Meet the Press."

"Some people" equals nearly 63 million as of last count in 2016. This is the same NBC News that killed the Harvey Weinstein story and is in denial about the extent of sexual misconduct that took place in its own newsroom. 

Here's the portion of the op-ed Chuck Todd referenced on-air: 

"[W]hy do good people support Trump? It’s because people have been trained from childhood to believe in fairy tales. ... This set their minds up to accept things that make them feel good. ... The more fairy tales and lies he tells the better they feel. ... Show me a person who believes in Noah’s ark and I will show you a Trump voter."

Martin Baron, executive editor of The Washington Post, was on "Meet the Press" and took issue with Todd's attempt to dismiss the president's supporters. Baron told Todd, "I think they are owed our respect and they certainly have mine."

Baron explained to Todd that Trump supporters feel the elites in Washington and the press don't understand their lives and their voices aren't being heard. 

"[And] they feel that the president is actually listening to them and addressing their concerns and so they tend to believe him," Baron said, "and they're deeply suspicious of so-called elites like us, at least people who are described as elites, and so they turn to him."

"Meet the Press" is the perfect name for a show featuring a journalist dismissing Republican voters as delusional nuts. That's pretty much all the press does nowadays.