Active Shooter At Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard

Posted: Dec 04, 2019 8:49 PM

All of Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam was on lockdown following reports of an active shooter situation on Wednesday, according to the Public Affairs Office for the base. The Associated Press is now reporting that a U.S. sailor wounded three civilians working as Department of Defense employees in the shooting before taking his own life. 
Hawaii News Now first reported that the shooting left at least three people injured, two of which were said to be critically injured. Witnesses told Hawaii News Now that the shooting occurred at Drydock 2. According to the report, a spokesman said the incident has been contained and a witness to the event says they saw the gunman fatally shoot himself. The report also stated that civilians were among the victims.

(Via the Associated Press)

Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, one of the Navy’s major installations, said the shooting began around 2:30 p.m. at Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard. The military didn’t release a motive or any identifying information about the sailor who opened fire.

Two hospitals said they were each treating a victim but didn’t have details on their conditions.

The base has reopened following a lockdown.

Hawaii News Now interviewed a witness who says he was at his desk when he heard pops that he recognized to be gunshots. The witness said when he looked out the window he saw three people on the ground.

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