Pro-Democracy Parties Win Big In Hong Kong Elections On Sunday

Posted: Nov 24, 2019 7:09 PM
Pro-Democracy Parties Win Big In Hong Kong Elections On Sunday

Source: AP Photo/Vincent Yu

In a stunning rebuke to Beijing, voters in Hong Kong elected pro-democracy parties into power on Sunday. Every one of the 452 elected seats on Hong Kong's district council was up for grabs. 

Before Sunday's election, pro-Beijing parties held three-quarters of the district council seats, but pro-democracy groups have so far managed to capture 240 of them, up from the 124 they held previously. The pro-Beijing camp has so far only managed to win 28 confirmed seats in Sunday's elections. 

The district council races are local, community-related offices. But given the widespread unrest by protestors calling for greater democracy for Hong Kong, the election is seen as a referendum on Hong Kong's relationship with Beijing. 

As the election was underway, protestors remained trapped inside Hong Kong Polytechnic University after police sieged upon the campus following demonstrations against the shooting of a protestor.

The newly-elected pro-democracy parties have already sprung into action, with one official calling upon the "newcomers to join him in signing a petition calling on police to end the siege..." 

A record 71.2 percent of the electorate, nearly three million residents, turned out to vote in Sunday's elections. The previous record was set in 2015 when 47 percent of voters showed up to the polls.