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BREAKING: Energy Secretary Rick Perry To Resign

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

UPDATE: President Trump said Rick Perry will be departing "at the end of the year," and said the secretary of energy has done a "fantastic job." The president also said the administration will be announcing Perry's replacement soon. The president suggested Perry had a hand in picking his replacement and said it will likely be a "he in this particular case."


Energy Secretary Rick Perry told President Trump he will be resigning. 

The former Texas governor was in his home state Thursday when he reportedly told President Trump he will be resigning his position as secretary of energy. Earlier reports said the secretary was planning on leaving the administration, but Perry did not confirm those reports. Perry did not state specifically what day he will be leaving the administration.

Sen. Ted Cruz called Perry a "good man & good friend."

George P. Bush thanked Perry "for his tremendous service to our State and Country."

Former California GOP Chairman Ron Nehring said he has "a great deal of respect for Rick Perry," calling him "an honorable and formidable man."

Rick Perry is one of the Trump administration's original cabinet members. 

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