Illegal Immigrant Gets Life in Prison for Killing Texas Man

Posted: Oct 11, 2019 8:25 PM
Illegal Immigrant Gets Life in Prison for Killing Texas Man

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An illegal immigrant from Mexico was sentenced on Friday to life in prison for killing 20-year-old Jared Vargas of Texas. Ernesto Esquivel-Garcia was found guilty back in August of murdering Vargas and burning his remains. 

Via Fox San Antonio

“Vargas disappeared in 2018 after leaving his job at the Bowl and Barrel, a restaurant at the Rim at La Cantera, where he worked with Esquivel-Garcia.

At the time, investigators said the two men were involved in a drug deal in which Esquivel-Garcia killed Vargas.

During the trial, Esquivel-Garcia claimed self-defense, but prosecutors argued that after the murder, Esquivel-Garcia stuffed Vargas body into a closet and left him there for two days.

He then used Vargas' car and phone as his own before buying gasoline and burning Vargas' remains in an apartment, said prosecutors. He also reportedly said that after the crime, he planned to go to Mexico.” 

In a statement obtained by ABC KSAT12, a spokeswoman for ICE stated that Esquivel-Garcia was in ICE custody for the first time back in March 2017, following a criminal arrest for driving while intoxicated. An immigration judge granted Esquivel-Garcia bond, and he was released from ICE custody. In subsequent proceedings, Esquivel-Garcia was turned over to Bexar County when it was discovered he had an arrest warrant for obstructing a highway. He was again placed in ICE custody, but released on May 29, 2018 with orders to return to Mexico by July 20, 2018. 

"His murderer, an illegal alien, had been in ICE and Bexar County custody repeatedly ending with an immigration judge granting a voluntary departure judgment. Just two weeks later, Ernesto murdered Jared," Lori Vargas told Fox San Antonio.

Rep. Chip Roy (R-TX) tweeted his approval of today's sentence.

Esquivel-Garcia could be up for parole in 30 years, in which case he would be deported back to Mexico.