Spot On: Joe Rogan Sounds Off on Ted Cruz's Trip to Cancun

Posted: Feb 22, 2021 10:25 PM
Spot On: Joe Rogan Sounds Off on Ted Cruz's Trip to Cancun

Source: AP Photo/Gregory Payan

The legacy media has spent the last few days hammering Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) for going to Cancun while Texans suffered from the massive winter storm that hit the Lone Star State. But podcaster Joe Rogan went to bat for his senator, making the argument that Cruz could have stayed in Texas, but the senator had no power or ability to change what was taking place.

"Here's the thing: What can he do? What is the reason for him staying?" Rogan asked his co-host, Tim Dillon.

"I think it's just the optics of how it looks," Dillon replied. 

"Can he make it warm out?" Rogan asked, joking. 

"I don't think he has the power to do anything good," Dillon replied, honestly.

"Maybe he should be there with blankets and put them over the pipes," Rogan said sarcastically.

"It's funny. It's the people that hate him the most are the ones like, 'He should be there!'" Dillon mocked. "And it's like, 'Doing what?'"

The two referenced Cruz's outspoken criticism of Austin Mayor Steve Adler (D) telling his Austin residents to "stay home" due to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. The problem, however, is he made the announcement from Cabo San Lucas. 

The truth is this: the media wants to find something, anything, to hammer Cruz over. They see two people – Sens. Cruz and Josh Hawley – as the two main people behind the Jan. 6th attacks. The legacy media wants to be able to blame him for something else. And this was one of those optics issues, as Dillon said. Cruz didn't have the ability to stop a powerful winter storm or suddenly make electricity come back on. This was out of his hands. Whether or not he sat in a cold house in Texas or on the beach in Cancun didn't matter. The result would have been the same. This is just a political game and the Democrats are making their move.