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State Legislators In Three Swing States Were Caught Off Guard By the Trump Camp's Latest Announcement

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The Trump campaign on Tuesday announced that legislatures in key swing states – Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan – would hold hearings on alleged voter fraud. Legislators in those states, however, say nothing is scheduled to take place.


"It's in everyone's interest to have a full vetting of election irregularities and fraud," Rudy Giuliani, the former New York City mayor and current personal attorney to President Donald Trump, said in a statement Tuesday. "And the only way to do this is with public hearings, complete with witnesses, videos, pictures and other evidence of illegalities from the November 3rd election."

"There were serious irregularities, we have proof of fraud in a number of states, and it is important for all Americans to have faith in our electoral process," Trump campaign senior legal adviser Jenna Ellis said in a statement. "All we have wanted from the outset is to count every legal vote and discount every illegal vote."


On Wednesday, November 25, the Pennsylvania State Senate's Majority Policy Committee will conduct a hearing on the election. Each senator will be given five minutes to make an opening state. The participating senators will then hear from witnesses who filed affidavits saying election fraud took place.

Giuliani will also make a presentation.

The hearing was requested by Sen. Doug Mastriano (R).


"Elections are a fundamental principle of our democracy – unfortunately, Pennsylvanians have lost faith in the electoral system. It is unacceptable," Mastriano said in a statement. "Over the past few weeks, I have heard from thousands of Pennsylvanians regarding issues experienced at the polls, irregularities with the mail-in voting system and concerns whether their vote was counted. We need to correct these issues to restore faith in our republic."

The Pennsylvania Senate Majority, however, tweeted this would be an informal meeting, not a hearing.


According to the Trump campaign, the Arizona legislature will hear a hearing on Monday, November 30. 

Elected officials, however, said there was nothing on the books.

"News to me," Senate President Karen Fann (R) said to AZ Central when asked about the hearing. The legislature's calendar remains blank. Fann's spokesperson said the Senate president didn't authorize such a hearing.


House of Representatives Speaker Rusty Bower (R) also said he hadn't authorized a hearing.

"Speaker Bowers has not authorized any such hearing in the Arizona House of Representatives," a spokesperson for Bowers told AZ Mirror.


The campaign stated the Michigan legislature was slated to hold a hearing on Tuesday, December 1. 

House Oversight Committee Chairman Matt Hall (R) told Detroit News that a hearing is not taking place. The House was hoping to have Giuliani make a presentation but determined it wouldn't be possible.

"We've just determined that logistically it's not something we're going to be able to do," Hall explained.

Instead, the campaign has been invited to submit written testimony for members to review.

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