Obama's Pathetic Last-Minute Fundraising Request for Biden

Posted: Nov 02, 2020 7:30 AM
Obama's Pathetic Last-Minute Fundraising Request for Biden

Source: AP Photo/Larry Downing, Pool

Former Vice President Barack Obama on Sunday sent an email encouraging his past supporters to cough up a last minute donation to his former vice president, Joe Biden, and Sen. Kamala Harris. According to Obama, small donations "still make a big impact in these final hours before Election Day."

The former president said it was last-minute fundraising that provided a surge that lead to his victory. 

Below is the full email:

Folks --

Election Day is almost upon us, but our work here is not done.

I need you to dig deep right now, and find a way to do even more to make sure that Joe and Kamala win this election on Tuesday -- whether that’s by volunteering your time, helping someone in your life get to the polls, or making your first donation to the campaign today.

Make no mistake, your $25 will still make a big impact in these final hours before Election Day. So I’m urging you: please chip in whatever you can afford right now, and make sure Joe and Kamala hit their final fundraising goal of this campaign.

I know from my own campaigns just how important a surge of late fundraising can be. What Joe and Kamala raise today will fortify them in the key states they need to win on Tuesday -- and make sure they can keep up the fight after Election Day, if necessary.

And since this is a grassroots campaign, it’s up to grassroots supporters like you to make that surge happen.

This is not a normal time, and this is not a normal election. To protect our future -- and to protect our democracy -- we have to make sure that Joe and Kamala have the resources they need to be ready for whatever happens between now and the moment when a winner is declared.

But if we do our job well, if we win decisively and send a clear message about who we are, then these fundraising requests will stop, the job will be done, and our nation can begin to heal.

So while I know these emails pile up, I need you to take this last one from me seriously because this is the final fundraising goal of the 2020 presidential election and there are no second chances.

I’m asking you one last time: please, chip in $25 and help make sure we don’t fall short of the final fundraising goal on this final deadline: November 3, 2020.

Since this is the last email I’ll send you before Election Day, I want to conclude by saying thank you. Thank you so much for everything you’re doing to help win this battle for the soul of our nation.

What you’re accomplishing in this campaign will echo through generations to come. I hope you’re proud -- I know I am.


Barack Obama