Stelter's Hot Take About Why Businesses Are Boarded Up Before the Election Is Beyond Pathetic

Posted: Nov 01, 2020 6:30 PM
Stelter's Hot Take About Why Businesses Are Boarded Up Before the Election Is Beyond Pathetic

Source: Twitter/Screenshot

CNN's Brian Stelter and his panel on Sunday claimed businesses across the country – and in Washington, DC in particular – are preparing for "unrest" as we head into Tuesday's election because of President Trump. Both Stelter and The New Yorker's Susan Glasser said that fear is in place because Trump has "casted doubts" on the results of the election.

"Is this what members of the media are privately worried about? We talk about unrest, buildings in Downtown DC being boarded up. Is it fundamentally because the president himself is attacking the election?" Stelter asked. 

Glasser said she's never seen a time where more Americans are concerned about election integrity than they are this cycle. 

"We're in a situation where journalists, a broad swath of the American public, doesn't trust in what the election outcome is going to be on Tuesday night, doesn't trust that our system, fundamentally, is going to hold up and that has been a purposeful strategy of the President of the United States," Glasser explained. "... We've never had a president that's been willing to attack the legitimacy of our institutions of American democracy this way before and he has not been condemned by his party."

Glasser mentioned the 2000 election when the results from Florida were hotly contested. President Bush came out victorious and yet Al Gore was still gracious. Both men "trusted in the process" and never questioned it.

"In 2000 there weren't businesses being boarded up in major cities," Stelter said. "Now, let's be honest, probably that's happening, Susan, because some business owners are worried about liberal protests in the event of a Trump win but there's also this dynamic fear of an unrest in a Trump loss."

Businesses aren't fearful of former Vice President Joe Biden winning. They're fearful of him losing. Just look at what has taken place over the last six to seven months. Violent BLM protestors – those who associate themselves with Joe Biden and the Democrats – have rioted and looted cities all across America. Kenosha, Minneapolis, Lancaster, Atlanta – the list goes on and on. 

The amount of hatred Democrats have for Trump is amazing. They're willing to destroy their own communities because Orange Man Bad. They're willing to do whatever it takes to oust Trump from the White Hosue (even if that means wrecking people's livelihoods). 

It's rich that Stelter mentioned the possible "liberal protests," but quickly brushed the possibility off. Call it what it is, Brian. They're riots. They're not "peaceful protests," and they're carried out by people who despise this president. 

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