'CNN Sucks!': Trump Supporters Ruin Jim Acosta's On-Air Segment

Posted: Oct 12, 2020 7:55 PM
'CNN Sucks!': Trump Supporters Ruin Jim Acosta's On-Air Segment

Source: AP Photo/Evan Vucci

CNN's Jim Acosta, everyone's favorite reporter, was booed during a Trump rally in Sanford, Florida on Monday.

"CNN sucks! CNN sucks! CNN sucks!" the crowd chanted as Acosta did a live, on-air hit. 

"As this crowd is chanting that there are members of the press here who suck, I should also point out, Wolf, hat also sucks: getting the coronavirus," Acosta said.

Acosta made a point to say others on the ground weren't wearing a mask like he was. 

Of course, Acosta's buddy, Brian Stelter, had to give him a kudos. 

The reason people can't stand Jim Acosta is very clear: he does things that are rather irritating. Who could forget when the White House suspended his hard press pass after he pushed an intern holding a microphone. Or when he declared that Trump supporters are all about "Bashing immigrants, stoking hatred of the press, protesters being ejected, fringe viewpoints, and police in riot gear..." There was also the time he attempted to bait Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders into saying which journalists and news outlets are considered to be the "enemy of the people." And who could forget when he asked a stupid question about telling the truth and Kellyanne Conway put him in his place?

Acosta is the definition of a media elite. He stands on his pedestal, judges Americans as a whole and then wonders why no one likes him. He tries to act like some sort of objective journalist when he's not. At least if he's going to be biased and hate the president, he should be honest about that. Because we can all see it.