Disgusting: BLM Protestor in Seattle Singles Out a Black Cop

Posted: Sep 05, 2020 12:35 PM

Black Lives Matter protestors on Friday decided to block the I-5 in Seattle, Washington during the rush hour morning commute. Apparently keeping people from going about their daily lives is somehow helpful to their movement. 

They were at least nice enough to let someone who needed to go to radiation through. 

Washington State Patrol showed up to clear the scene. They had to drag one of the protestors out of a car. The worst part, however, is that another protestor called a black officer a "house n****r" because he's a member of law enforcement.

She's seen arguing with the same trooper over being allowed to protest on the freeway. As the trooper told her, protestors don't have a right to block traffic on the freeway. Those who were blocking traffic made the argument that they have a right to protest in Seattle. Another trooper said different rules apply to the freeway since it's not technically part of the city. 

Why is it that African American officers instantly have insults thrown at them? These men and women are simply doing their jobs. They decided to protect their communities and how are they repaid? They're called things like "house n****rs" and "Uncle Toms." No one deserves to be called those names but our men and women in blue especially don't when they're answering the call to serve.