WATCH: Woman Becomes Unhinged Over a Couple Not Wearing a Mask... and Sprays Them with Mace

Posted: Jul 26, 2020 6:00 PM

A Southern California couple packed up their three-month-old Pug and a picnic lunch and headed to the dog park to enjoy the nice weather. Little did they know that the day would end with a trip to the emergency room and a police report.

Ash O’Brien and her husband, Jarrett Kelley, were sitting at a table at the Dusty Rhodes Dog Park in Ocean Beach when a lady flipped out about the pair not wearing a mask and bringing food into the park, which is against the rules. According to O'Brien and Kelley, no one else was at the park and they were practicing social distancing, which they say made wearing masks completely unnecessary. The duo said they were unaware of the no food rule.

“If we knew there was a no food policy, we wouldn’t have brought it into the park,” O’Brien told ABC 10.

Kelley attempted to calm the woman down at which point she pulled out a can of mace and sprayed It in his face.

“The lady who maced him automatically started saying stuff about us not wearing a mask when we were social distancing; there was no one near us," the wife explained.

“She just came up without saying anything and just stuck the mace can right in front of my face,”  O’Brien said. “My husband, being a good guy, walked in front of her and was like ‘hey calm down please don’t do this’ and then she grabbed him and just starting macing him, she used the entire can on him.”

The woman quickly rushed off but the person who filmed the ordeal also captured her license plate information.

Kelley was treated at a nearby hospital and the couple filed a misdemeanor battery report with the San Diego Police Department.

“I want her to go to jail, she assaulted my husband, and I’m angry about it,” O'Brien said. “People don’t need to be getting assaulted for not wearing a mask in a public outdoor area."