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AP Photo/Matt Slocum

Since the death of George Floyd, Democrats have pushed this notion of "defunding the police." They have worked overtime to make sure Americans know "defunding" doesn't mean abolishing law enforcement agencies in their entirety. In their eyes, it's about shifting funds from police departments to other necessary services, like education and social workers. 


For whatever reason, the mainstream media is making the argument that Biden is not in favor of defunding the police. By Democrats' own standards and definitions, he is in favor of defunding the police and reallocating funds that would otherwise go towards police departments to other services.

Just watch his interaction with Ady Barkan from Now This:

Even Black Lives Matter's Managing Director, Kailee Scales, reaffirmed what "defunding" means:


As President Trump said on Saturday, Joe Biden may not have said "defund the police," but he used the very phrases and verbiage the Democrats are using surrounding this issue.

Democrats must have realized "defunding the police" doesn't sit well with many Americans, including blacks. Just look at what Bevelyn Beatty, a pro-life black woman, said about the entire thought. 

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