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Antifa has caused massive chaos and destruction throughout the United States as people hit the streets to protest the unjust death of George Floyd. While conservatives have continually sounded the alarm on the left-wing fringe group, Democrats have continually gone to bat for the organization. Democrats refuse to see just how organized Antifa really is or how most of the rioting and looting is Antifa's fault.


Project Veritas released two videos last week providing insight into how Antifa operates.

One undercover journalist infiltrated the Rose City Antifa group outside of Portland, Oregon. In his undercover footage, Nicholas Cifuni, a member of the Rose City chapter, was caught telling others not to get caught.

"Don't be that f**king guy with the God damn spoke brass knuckles getting photos taken of you. Police are going to be like 'Perfect. We can prosecute these f**kers. Look how violent they are,'" Cifuni said. He instructed members to cause violence and destruction but to do it unnoticed.

"If you ruin their day, if you like heckle them... Make them feel like they look ridiculous, make them feel outnumbered... and therefore, their whole 'Yay! Yay! America Trump' thing is gonna go by the wayside, "Adam Rothstein said. 

"The whole goal of this, right, is to get out there and do dangerous things as safely as possible," another Antifa leader explained.

"Practice things like an eye gouge. It takes very little pressure to injure someone's eyes," Cifuni said. "Consider like destroying your enemy, not like destroying your enemy, not like delivering a really awesome right hand, right eye, left eye blow, you know. It's not boxing. It's not kickboxing. It's like destroying your enemy."

The undercover journalist stated that in meetings, before demonstrations were conducted, Antifa members talked about weapons and what each person should carry on them. One of the organization's main pillars is Black Bloc, where they don all black so everyone looks identical. It's their way of hiding their identity so no one can be charged with a crime.


Rose City Antifa is organized and structured, "almost like a business," the undercover journalist said. "I feel like there is some type of outside funding influence or resources being used."

A second video shows how Antifa teaches its members how to fight, especially for situations like riots.

"If you get a good liver or kidney shot, it's pretty much crippling them. They're going to be doubled over and in a lot of pain. If you break one of the floating ribs, which are small and right down here," the instructor said. "Those are also very painful. It's hard to move after that. It's hard to catch your breath. So one good body shot could potentially give you all the time in the world to run away while they're doubled over in pain or really put a beating on them after that if you really don't like the person."

One of the fight instructors, Chris, made it clear Antifa's tactics aren't about self-defense but rather about inciting violence. 

"We just kind of want to, in this space, reframe from the idea of self-defense as not simply, you're being acted upon by an aggressor," he explained. "But it's kind of a decision you make to fight back. In a lot of ways to say, 'I am human and I occupy this space and I will not be f**ked with."

The video goes on to show Chris working with Antifa members to perfect their tactical moves. 

"We call this a safe space to practice aggression. Not aggression against one another, but really just a space that, if you want to or if you really want to challenge yourself, to kind of work on harnessing that kind of energy," Chris stated. 


According to Project Veritas, on numerous occasions, undercover journalists were "taught different fighting techniques to be used in riots."

How much more evidence do we need that Antifa does exist, that they do hijack peaceful protests and that their goal is to bring down society as we know it? People need to stop defending the organization and start holding them accountable for their destruction.

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