WATCH: Biden Attempts to Flip the Script and Blame Charlamagne for His Racist 'Ain't Black' Comments

Posted: May 26, 2020 11:55 PM
WATCH: Biden Attempts to Flip the Script and Blame Charlamagne for His Racist 'Ain't Black' Comments

Source: AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis

Former Vice President Joe Biden sat down with CNN's Dana Bash for his first in-person interview since the start of the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. During the interview, Bash asked Biden about his interview with Charlamagne tha God on "The Breakfast Club," where he claimed that African Americans "ain't black" if they decide to support President Donald Trump. Naturally, Biden used the opportunity to somehow blame Charlamagne for his comment, as if the radio host somehow forced him to make the racist remark.

"My question for you is that some supporters think all of this could hurt the enthusiasm that you really need to win among black voters," Bash said. 

"Well, first of all, it was a mistake, number one. And I was smiling when he asked me the question. I shouldn't have been such a wise guy. He was being a wise guy and I responded," the former vice president explained. "I shouldn't have done that. It was a mistake. I have never taken the African American community for granted. Never. Never. Never. Never once."

Biden went on to say that he has had "overwhelming support" from African Americans in Delaware throughout his entire career. 

"But I have never taken it for granted. I work like the Devil for it and I have to earn it every single time," he explained. "Nobody's vote should be taken for granted. That's what it conveyed, my response. And I've never done that."

The former veep reminded Bash that people continually ridiculed him for staying in the Democratic Primary despite having abysmal results in early-voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire, yet he came out on top in places like South Carolina that are more "representative" of the Democratic Party. 

"I've had overwhelming support from the African American community my whole career," Biden said. 

Which is it, Joe? Was it Charlamagne's fault for "being a wise guy" or was it your mistake that you now regret? Pick a story and stick to it.