MSNBC Contributor: Here's the Real Reason Trump Is Exploiting the Biden 'Ain't Black' Gaffe

Posted: May 24, 2020 2:15 PM

Former Vice President Joe Biden has come under fire for saying African Americans that choose to vote for President Donald Trump "ain't black." Instead of holding Biden accountable for his racist comments and using black voters, Democrats have provided cover for the former veep. 

In fact, MSNBC Contributor Zerlina Maxwell attempted to shift the focus from the former veep to President Trump. According to Maxwell, the president is cashing in on this saga in order to "suppress" the African American vote.

"One more thing that I didn't get to say on MSNBC is that Donald Trump is exploiting the Biden gaffe, not in order to win over black voters," Maxwell said in a video posted to her Twitter account. "He's trying to suppress our vote. He wants us to disengage from this process and not vote."

Why is it so hard for Democrats to acknowledge that they have blindly assumed the black voters can, should and will vote for their candidates? Why is it that Joe Biden – an old, white man – can get away with telling an African American they "ain't black" if they vote for Trump? Is it because they are so disgusted with President Trump that their so-called "morals" are thrown out the window and racism is acceptable as long as the person running for office has a D next to his or her name?

President Trump doesn't need a Biden gaffe to reach out and talk to new communities. He's building coalitions through policies. The First Step Act provided major criminal justice reform that Democrats have talked about for decades. Instead of pushing hot air, the president has something tangible he can actually point to when it comes to helping the African American community. And what does Joe have to show? That he sees blacks as political pawns.