WATCH: Homeless on L.A.'s Skid Row Have Astonishingly Sad Insight Into the Coronavirus

Posted: May 03, 2020 5:50 PM
WATCH: Homeless on L.A.'s Skid Row Have Astonishingly Sad Insight Into the Coronavirus

Source: AP Photo/Richard Vogel

Fox News Analyst Gianno Caldwell hit the streets in Los Angeles to talk to the homeless about the Wuhan coronavirus. He headed to the city's infamous Skid Row, an area of Downtown L.A. where homeless camps run rampant.

Caldwell stood outside the Midnight Mission, where they serve roughly 3,000 meals a day and house 250 people every night, to ask those on the streets what they knew about the virus.

"We're asking people in this area, 'What are you doing to stay safe from the coronavirus?'" the analyst said. 

One gentleman said he had no idea what the Wuhan coronavirus is but thought it's "a combination of Tuberculous and some other stuff."

"Well, it's supposedly some kind of virus discovered by a scientist kinda doctor or so and they named it either after him," an African American woman explained. 

A lady donning a face mask and a walker nonchalantly said the virus is "bacteria in the air" and people "have to take care of ourselves otherwise we're gonna die.

Even though that lady knew Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) was offering hotels for the city's homeless, she said she chose not to go because "she's safe."

"I'm safe because I'm doing what the government wants me to do," she explained. 

"So you feel safe out here amongst all these individuals?" Caldwell pressed.

"Yes," she replied.

What's sad is those who are in these encampments are even more at risk for catching the Wuhan coronavirus. Living in unsanitary conditions and in close proximity with one another creates the perfect breeding ground for infectious diseases. 

As the one man stated, the homeless on the streets aren't fully aware of what's going on. They're getting their news from those who are passing by or by word of mouth, which we all know is like playing telephone. The meaning and information changes over time as the messages continually move between people.

Gavin Newsom has a responsibility to make sure these men, women and children are properly protected. Offering hotels for a couple hundred people when there are thousands on Skid Row alone is ridiculous. That doesn't even take into account the homeless populations in San Francisco and other big cities. 

Telling some of these people to wear masks and continue living in deplorable conditions gives them a false sense of security and does nothing to prevent them from catching the virus.

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