Eric Swalwell Has a Surprising Take on Tara Reade's Allegations

Posted: May 02, 2020 1:58 PM
Eric Swalwell Has a Surprising Take on Tara Reade's Allegations

Source: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

Most Democrats have turned their back on Reade's accusation, even though there're multiple pieces of evidence to support Reade's claim. A clip from “Larry King Live” in 1993 shows Reade’s mother calling into the show to ask for advice on her daughter's behalf, and two other people – a former neighbor and a former co-worker – have come forward to corroborate the former Senate staffer's allegations.

During an interview with Fox News' Ed Henry on Friday, Rep. Eric Swalwell seemed to deviate from his Democratic colleagues and the Democrat media complex when he suggested that Tara Reade "should be heard."

"I believe that [Joe Biden] has a right to defend himself but I also believe that the accuser has a right to make her claims and the vice president calling for an investigation into any records that may exist is the right thing to do," the California congressman said. 

Swalwell said that the University of Delaware should search the records they have of Biden's time in the Senate to see if Tara Reade's name is found.

"She has a right to be heard and I'm not going to question her motives and you know, the vice president didn't either," the congressman said. 

Henry pointed out that during Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings, Biden said "believe women," a response to sexual assault allegations made against the then-nominee.

"On Joe Biden, I feel like the standard shifted there because you said, when I asked you, 'Do you believe Tara Reade?' you said, 'Well, she should be heard.' Joe Biden, in 2018, said about Brett Kavanaugh, 'believe women,' so why should we not believe this woman?" the Fox News host asked.

"We should believe this woman and we should also look to other facts that they exist. Of course, the vice president has a story to tell as well and other people around the incident, people who worked in the office at the time, should be interviewed," Swalwell explained. "And I'm going to leave it to that."

According to the congressman, people in the media attacked Christine Blasey Ford for her accusations against Justice Kavanaugh. The difference here: Blasey Ford's ex-boyfriend recalled her coaching friends on how to lie on polygraphs, something she lied about under oath. He also rebuked her claim that she was afraid of flying, which would have prevented her from testifying in D.C. And then there's her lawyer who admitted that Blasey Ford was motivated to come forward because of Roe v. Wade. Blasey Ford felt the abortion law was in jeopardy of being overturned because of Kavanaugh's conservative judicial record. 

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