WATCH: Brooklyn Resident Confronts de Blasio Over 'Non-Essential Travel'

Posted: Apr 27, 2020 10:22 PM
WATCH: Brooklyn Resident Confronts de Blasio Over 'Non-Essential Travel'

Source: AP Photo/Hans Pennink

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio (D) is one of the biggest hypocrites that has emerged throughout the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Minutes before his city-wide stay-at-home order was implemented in mid-March, the mayor decided it was the perfect opportunity to use a public gym. His rationale was that he needed to work out so that he can “stay healthy so I can make decisions for the people of the city.”

De Blasio displayed similar hypocrisy on Monday when he was spotted with his wife walking through Brooklyn Park. And a resident called the de Blasios out for their non-essential travel to Brooklyn.

"Seriously? You guys have a park. You live in the middle of a park," the videographer said. The mayor responded by waiving.

"You don't need to non-essentially travel to Brooklyn. Come on! You won't even open roads for people of all backgrounds," the resident said. "I'm not going to give it a break. This is selfish behavior. This is so terribly selfish. You call yourself a progressive but you chauffeur yourself to Brooklyn. You force people to drive you!"

A staffer is seen walking between the de Blasios and the videographer, clearly trying to shield the mayor from scrutiny. The group then walks towards a black SUV.

"This is ridiculous. This is the epitome of 'non-essential travel,'" the resident said.

What's amazing is just a few days ago the mayor was telling people they need to continue to practice social distancing and shelter-in-place.

What the mayor really means is he wants New Yorkers to stay home, to practice social distancing and follow all of the recommendations set forth by the White House Coronavirus Task Force. But, because he's the mayor, he's exempt from the rules.

Heads Won’t Roll
Kurt Schlichter

At least someone called him out on his hypocrisy. 

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