CNN Strikes an Irony Chord By Having Former Planned Parenthood Head Talking Coronavirus Safety... with Kids

Posted: Apr 25, 2020 1:05 PM
CNN Strikes an Irony Chord By Having Former Planned Parenthood Head Talking Coronavirus Safety... with Kids

Source: AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

The Wuhan coronavirus quarantine has been nothing shy of... interesting, to say the least. Not only did "Tiger King" become something that the nation was obsessed with, but it even infiltrated the White House Coronavirus Task Force briefings. Government officials are cracking down on statewide stay-at-home orders and are arresting people who do things like play in the park with their kids. But things took a whole new level on Sunday when a handful of Sesame Street characters made an appearance on CNN to discuss the pandemic.

"What is COVID-19? Is it just a bunch of letters and numbers?" Big Bird asked CNN host Erica Hill and Dr. Sanjay Gupta. 

Hill explained that the Wuhan coronavirus is "something that's making people sick." Dr. Gupta chimed in, saying the virus has become a pandemic that has forced people to stay at home.

"There are scientists and doctors and nurses around the world who are working really hard to help people and protect us as well," Gupta said. 

Elmo wanted to know why people are wearing masks when they're outside, even though it's not Halloween.

"Those aren't costumes, Elmo," Gupta said with a smile. "Well, you know how doctors wear masks in hospitals when they take care of people? You're gonna see people wearing masks outside as well and the reason they're wearing masks like this is to protect people in public from their germs and things like that."

"They don't want to spread your germs and these masks can help with that," Gupta said, holding up a no-sew mask made out of a bandana. "The masks are a way to help you from spreading germs even as you just breathe."

The CNN doctor reminded people of the CDC's recommendations that kids over the age of two should wear a mask while out in public. He then went on to show people how to make a no-sew mask.

Gupta also encouraged kids to practice social distancing. To give children a visual, he held up a pool noodle to show them what being six feet apart from others looks like.

The doctor also played a video showing how to properly wash hands to get germs off. To give kids an idea of how long the 20-seconds looks like, he suggests singing "Happy Birthday" twice.

The group explained the grieving process when someone dies and how to cope, especially when that loss comes from the Wuhan coronavirus.

The real stopper, however, was when former Planned Parenthood President Dr. Leana Wen joined in to talk about cleaning supplies and detergents.

“Do not drink soap or detergent or bleach or anything that you and your parents use to clean your house,” Wen said. "Don't do that. I'm an ER doctor and in the ER I've seen kids come in who get very sick from drinking these things. These are very dangerous things to drink so please do not drink them or eat soap or anything like that."

Instead, she said kids should wash their hands really well with soap and water.

The most interesting thing about Wen's appearance: her title on the screen was "Former Baltimore City Health Commissioner" and "Emergency Room Physician" but no mention of her leading the largest abortion organization. 

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