Italians Find a Creative Way to Play Tennis While Respecting Social Distancing

Posted: Apr 18, 2020 2:30 PM

There are two things that bring people from all walks of life together: music and sports. Whether it's going to a concert to see your favorite artist, watching your favorite sports team on TV or even playing a sport for fun, they're the two things that people around the world enjoy.

The Wuhan coronavirus has put a damper on people's entertainment and workout regimens. There's no doubt about that. Everyone has had to get creative. Instead of going to the gym, many are resorting to working out at home or watching their trainer on Facebook Live. 

Two women in Liguria, Italy wanted to play a round of tennis. But because of social distancing and the country's desire to flatten the curve, the two women had to get creative. Each one decided to stand on the top of a rooftop to create a new type of tennis court.