WATCH: Cruz Dismantles Dems for 'Never Letting a Crisis Go to Waste'

Posted: Mar 23, 2020 6:30 PM
WATCH: Cruz Dismantles Dems for 'Never Letting a Crisis Go to Waste'

Source: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) on Monday blasted Senate Democrats for failing to vote in favor of cloture on a motion to proceed on the Republican-authored CARES Act on Monday. According to the Texas senator, Democrats are using the Wuhan coronavirus relief package to add partisan amendments that advance the progressive agenda.

"'The same quote from Rham Emanuel, President Obama's chief of staff: 'Never let a good crisis go to waste.' Sadly, we're seeing the embodiment of that cynical approach right now. Because all the people out of jobs, the Democrats are using to push – what are they pushing for? Changing the emission standards on airplanes," Cruz said. "Mr. President, what the hell do the emissions standards on airplanes have to do with thousands of people dying and millions of people out of work in the coronavirus epidemic?"

The Texas senator said Democrats shouldn't use the Wuhan coronavirus relief package like a "partisan Christmas."

"And you know, Republicans, we got things we'd like to advance too. Things I believe in deeply. Know what I'd like to do? I'd like to abolish the IRS," he said.

Cruz reminded the American people that has he continually campaigned and pushed for abolishing the taxing agency but "I'm not standing here with an amendment saying, 'As part of this emergency relief, let's abolish the IRS.'"

He made the argument that there is a "time and place" for these types of discussions but this relief package is not appropriate.

"The Democrats are pushing wind and solar tax credits. Mr. President, what in the hell does a windmill have to do with this crisis?" Cruz asked. "Other than there are some Democratic lobbyists getting fat and rich and they're willing to extort a crisis to advance their political agenda."

In addition to regulating airplane emissions, the Democrats also want to attach an amendment requiring corporations' board of directors have "diversity," something Cruz referred to as "social engineering."

The senator made the comment that he favors placing restrictions on corporate boards as a means of protecting the stakeholders "but [the Democrats] want to mandate effectively quotas on boards of directors."

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"Mr. President, what in the hell does that have to do with this crisis?" Cruz asked. 

He also mentioned Speaker Nancy Pelosi's wishlist that includes restructuring the United States Postal Service's debt. 

"Mr. President, last I checked – look, our postal workers, they go through wind, rain and snow, but they haven't been laid off," Cruz said. 

"I call upon both sides. Don't play games with us. This crisis isn't going to end tomorrow. This crisis isn't going to end the next day. It's going to last a considerable time," he said. "It's going to require adults to step up and leave."