Dems Swoon Over NY Gov. Cuomo's Coronavirus Response, But Forget the Key Role Trump Played

Posted: Mar 21, 2020 3:15 PM
Dems Swoon Over NY Gov. Cuomo's Coronavirus Response, But Forget the Key Role Trump Played

Source: AP Photo/Seth Wenig

Even though we should be putting politics aside and focusing on getting the American people healthy again – which seems to be happening, for the most part, on the Congressional front – members of the mainstream media are quick to pick winners and losers. 

During a press conference on Saturday, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo touted the number of Wuhan coronavirus tests his state has processed, which is almost twice as many as California and Washington State. 

Based on Cuomo's numbers, New York has processed 45,437 Wuhan coronavirus tests, compared to 23,200 in California and 23,343 in Washington State.

"We are taking more tests in New York than any place else. We're taking more tests per capita than China or South Korea," Cuomo said on Saturday. "We're also taking more tests than any state in the United States of America. That is actually a great accomplishment, because, if you remember back two weeks, which seems like a lifetime now, the whole question was coming up the scale on tests. How do we get the number of tests up and how do we get it up quickly?"

Cuomo said he spoke with President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence and asked the White House to "decentralize" testing and allow states to handle testing.

"I have 200 labs. I can mobilize quickly. Let us do the tests. They agreed," Cuomo recounted. 

Despite the governor giving praise to the Trump administration and their work to allow states to make their own decisions, especially on processing, members of the Democratic media complex quickly swooned over Cuomo.

What's amazing is MSNBC's Joy Reid attempted to use Cuomo's press conference to slam President Trump. Apparently she missed the memo: Cuomo praised Trump's leadership during this pandemic, as Caleb Hull pointed out.

What's even worse is President Trump has talked about the possibility of HydroxyChloroquine treating the Wuhan coronavirus. It must go through one ear and out the other, until a Democrat says the exact same thing.

Can't we give credit where credit is due? The media needs to follow Gov. Cuomo's lead and recognize some of the vital moves the White House has made that have been good calls. Even if these folks don't typically agree on other political issues, this pandemic is something that should bring us all together.