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The mainstream media always seems to be in amazement when they find out that the American people don't trust them. In fact, when President Donald Trump said the media is the enemy of the people, folks at MSNBC and CNN took it personally, as if the statement wasn't true.

Time and time again, we see leftist media personalities say outlandish things and Sunday morning was no exception. MSNBC analyst Eric Boehlert claimed, "Fox News has been getting people killed for years."

He made the comment during a segment on the Wuhan coronavirus when host Joy Reid pointed to an opinion piece from The Washington Post calling on Rupert Murdoch to force Fox News to "tell the truth about the coronavirus."

According to the leftist media, Fox is lying to the American people by not sounding the alarm on the Wuhan coronavirus, which is a total fallacy. The network has continually covered what's happening around the world, including recent lockdowns in Spain and France, school closures across the nation and Congress' emergency relief bills. Various hosts have also conducted interviews with members of Congress about the pandemic.

Despite that, Boehlert said this isn't the first time the conservative news network has been irresponsible.

"As a media analyst for a very long time, do you see any possibility that Fox may want to save its own viewers by forcing this narrative to change, because it's true, if they change their narrative, it's not that they follow Trump or that Trump follows them, but they will act together," Reid said. 

Boehlert agreed.

"Anyone waiting for Rupert Murdoch to do the right thing will be waiting a very, very long time, after someone who has watched him for 20 years," he replied. "Look, Fox News has been getting people killed for years, just look at the crusade against affordable health care, their crusade against expanding Medicaid. This is not unusual for them. This is just far more dire."

The MSNBC analyst cited his coverage of Fox News over the last 15 years as an example. 

"Their programming is to vilify, stir hatred and paranoia and, you know, if a pandemic is the backdrop, they're gonna do it," Boehlert explained. 

He said Fox News isn't just a conservative news outlet but is used for "brainwashing."

"This is casebook brainwashing. So, the problem is when people watch Fox News, the hardcore viewers, they don't watch it with an ala carte menu," Boehlert said. "They don't pick and choose which topics they think they believe or maybe they're not going to believe. They're all in."

It's absolutely disgusting and absolutely unfathomable for someone to go on television and spew this kind of nonsense. If you don't like Fox News, fine. Don't watch it. Don't listen to their radio station. Don't read their news site. You have that right, just like we have the right to not listen to the garbage you're spewing. 

Many, many Americans disagree with expanding Medicaid and the Affordable Care Act because of the restrictions it places on physicians and the expanses associated with it. No one wants to see others suffer because they can't afford health insurance. What conservatives advocate for is having a free-market approach. It's not "putting profits over people," as Democrats continually spout off. It means people have an incentive to create new technologies, drugs and cures. Capitalism unlocks untapped potential. 

Having policy differences is one thing. Saying an entire news network is actually killing people because they don't agree with their take on this is irresponsible, disgusting and, quite frankly, the epitome of what everyone hates about the media.

MSNBC should fire Boehlert over this "hot take."

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