'The Daily Show' Dedicated a Full Segment to Bashing White People in Iowa, New Hampshire

Posted: Feb 12, 2020 5:45 PM
'The Daily Show' Dedicated a Full Segment to Bashing White People in Iowa, New Hampshire

Source: Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP, File

Comedy Central's "The Daily Show" wasted no time ragging on Iowans and New Hampshireites following the first in the nation caucus and primary. Of course, they ran with the newly-developed Democratic talking point that Iowa and New Hampshire should not be the first states to vote 

"Thanks to Iowa, there's so much riding on this primary," host Trevor Noah said. 

According to the show's senior correspondent, Michael Kosta, who was live in New Hampshire, the candidates only had a week to shift their campaign strategies as they moved from Iowa to New Hampshire, both of which are highly white.

"I don't get the difference. It sounds like the state is just a bunch of white people," Noah replied, puzzled.

"Wow, Trevor. Just a bunch of white people?" Kosta asked sarcastically. "That is so insulting. First off, it's not 'a bunch.' The collective noun for white people is 'a gluten' of white people. And, second, white people are not a monolith. We are a rich tapestry of ethnic diversity."

Kosta pulled out a "caucasian color wheel" that was mostly one shade of white. He pointed to different areas of the wheel to determine what shade Iowans and New Hampshirites are.

"White is not blank, Trevor. Zero is not nothing," Kosta explained. "'Free to go' is not 'innocent of all charges,' although you do hear that a lot when you're white."

Later in the segment, Noah asked how Kosta would "respond to the criticism that these predominantly white states aren't the best states to kick off the primaries because these candidates could be starting in a more representative states of the country, like California or Florida."

Kosta said he understood what Noah was saying but "Iowa and New Hampshire are boring as hell."

"And that's what we want," Kosta explained. "We don't want candidates going to fun states like Florida or California. If you gotta spend a year campaigning in Miami, everyone would be running for president. But if you're willing to spend a year eating bland food in sub-zero temperatures, pretending to care about how big a pumpkin is, that's how I know you really wanna be president. And that's why the road to the White House has to go through here."

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Ann Coulter

It's ridiculous that people like Trevor Noah rag on Iowa and New Hampshire. Democrats make the case that the first elections should take place in more diverse locations yet they forget one thing: they have to find supporters in flyover. They still have to have voters – even if they're white – in order to be successful. 

Why does it matter if a state is all white? Would Democrats be making this kind of a stink if the first primary and/or caucus took place in a predominantly black or Hispanic state? Doubtful.