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WATCH: Pam Bondi Blew Up the Democrats' Narrative on Hunter Biden and Burisma

Senate Television via AP

White House defense team member Pam Bondi on Monday outlined Hunter Biden's shady involvement with Burisma, the Ukrainian natural gas company. Even though Hunter Biden had no natural energy experience, Burisma hired him to sit on their board of directors, where he made a salary of $83,000 per month (or more than $1 million a year).

Hunter Biden had business dealings with Christopher Heinz, the stepson of Secretary of State John Kerry. The two worked together at Rosemont Seneca investments, along with Devon Archer. Both Biden and Archer decided to take part in Burisma. 

Archer and Biden's "lack of judgment was a major catalyst" for Heinz, which is why he ended his business relationships with both men, Bondi reminded the Senate.

The media repeatedly asked questions about Biden sitting on Burisma's board back in 2014 and they continually got the runaround from the Obama administration. At the time, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney told reporters to contact the Vice President's office for further clarification. 

"Hunter Biden and other members of the Biden family are obviously private citizens and where they work does not reflect an endorsement by the administration or the vice president or the president," Carney said at the time. 

The next day, The Washington Post ran a story about Hunter Biden's new job, saying, "The appoint of the Vice President's son to a Ukrainian oil board look nepotistic at best, nefarious at worst."

Although former Vice President Joe Biden repeatedly talked about ending corruption, ABC News launched an investigation called "Hunter Biden's Foreign Deals." It talked about Biden's dealings with Burisma and even in China. Less than two weeks after the vice president and his son were seen in China, Hunter's firm had new business with the government-controlled Bank of China.

"In fact, every person who was asked about Hunter Biden's involvement with Burisma agreed there was a potential appearance of a conflict of interest," Bondi explained after playing the tapes. "Multiple House Democrat witnesses, including those from the Department of State, the National Security Council, and others, unanimously testified there was a potential appearance of a conflict of interest."

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