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Gun Control-Loving Dem In VA: 2A Supporters Are 'Little Kids' Who Are 'Mentally Ill'

AP Photo/ Rick Bowmer

Gun control has become a hot topic issue in the Commonwealth of Virginia, especially since Gov. Blackface (also known as Ralph Northam) was re-elected last November. He has pushed his anti-gun agenda heavily, especially since Democrats took control of the state's General Assembly. 


Since then, Second Amendment-loving Americans have stood up and made their voices heard. Counties have repeatedly declared themselves a sanctuary for the right to keep and bear arms. In fact, one county sheriff said he would deputize citizens should the General Assembly move forward with their proposed gun control laws, like an assault weapons ban, a "high capacity" magazine ban and a prohibition on the import, sales and possession of firearm suppressors. 

It turns out that not everyone in Virginia is happy about the uprising that's taking place. Democratic State Sen. Dave Marsden referred to citizens as "little kids" during a public forum over the weekend. 

When Marsden was caught making the statement, instead of apologizing and admitting he acted like an idiot, he released a pathetic statement.

"The Second Amendment community is very, very concerned about us approaching the problem as a mental health problem, and this is just indicative of exactly what they're talking about," Marsden said. "There are a lot of people who have mental health issues that are engaged on the current issues, and that's a concern to all of us."

The Democrat followed it up by referring to gun owners as "mentally ill" during a radio interview on WMAL. 


"I've been having this experience for weeks. I'm getting calls day and night," he said. "Obscene, vulgar, threatening phone calls. I mean, we're not talking a couple, well over a hundred."

Marsden also sent a letter to his constituents who expressed concern about his anti-gun stance, saying "too many of your members appear to have mental health issues."

"But, but there are very unstable people and this is worrisome," he wrote in the letter. "What I was telling people was that the responses from people who show the signs of having mental health difficulties."

According to PJ Media, he also sent another email, which he admitted to sending:

The behavior of the 2a supporters at the forum was childish and boorish. I appeared at a youth forum in December. Answered questions from kids who it was designed for. 80 [Virginia Citizens Defense League] members showed up. I stayed 45 minutes after to listen and answer questions. It seems to go well. In the week after I received many dozen threats of physical violence and vulgar/obscene texts and voicemails. They were disturbing and indicative of mental health issues among many 2a supporters. I always give out my cell. It's 793-[redacted]. Call me anytime and I will tell you what I think. In retrospect I should have stated my thoughts publicly. Very disappointed in VCDL and other 2a concerned citizens who behaved so badly this Saturday.




It's really not that surprising that this guy thinks so little of law-abiding Americans who want to preserve and protect the Second Amendment. After all, he touted his support from Moms Demand Action. And we all know how they view us. 

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