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Leave It to CNN to Flat Out Lie About the Booming Economy

The economy is booming. We have the lowest unemployment rate in 50 years. Unemployment is at a historic low for Hispanics and African Americans. People are working. Their taxes were reduced thanks to President Donald Trump's tax cuts. People have more money in their pockets every paycheck and they are feeling confident in our economy. 


More businesses are hiring because their tax burden was reduced when Trump signed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. Small businesses are able to reinvest in their business, which, in turn, means they have more flexibility to hire people.

Despite those successes, CNN flat out lies about what things are like for the average American, you know, those "Deplorables" in flyover country that voted for this president. That became extremely evident during Sunday's episode of "Reliable Sources with Brian Stelter" when the panel discussed the economy.

"Before we had this $2 trillion dollar tax cut that's below the long-term post war average of about three percent. It's actually way below what it was when Bill Clinton was impeached. When Bill Clinton was impeached we were growing at about four-and-a-half percent," Washington Post Opinion Columnist Catherine Rampell said. 

According to Stelter, it is "fair to say the economy is growing" but those who are "Trump fans are exaggerating the growth."

"All I hear on Fox is the economy, the economy, it's growing incredibly," he said.


"The economy today is not substantially different from the economy before Trump took office," Rampell replied. "It's not like you can point to a point in the decline in unemployment and can see that Trump took office, the Red Sea parted and suddenly all these people gain jobs. These are basically the same trends we saw before, despite the fact that there has been all of this fiscal stimulus Trump has pumped into the economy through tax cuts, higher spending. We're not seeing much payoff from any of it. But because those trends continue, because the economy has not crashed, for some reason Trump gets to claim credit for it, for the fact that things are okay."

Rampell ran with the argument that things were better when Clinton was impeached in December 1998. According to the U.S. Bureau Labor of Statistics, unemployment was at 4.4 percent at the time. The current unemployment rate is 3.7 percent.

Do any of the people who appear on this network do any basic research before they make baseless claims like this one? Or do they simply say whatever comes to their mind? It seems like the latter. 


But then again, we cannot expect the people at leftist "news" organizations, like CNN and MSNBC, to understand what it is like to live in rural America. We cannot expect them to understand what it is like to want to keep your hard-earned money and decide how you spend it. Instead, they sit on their elitist pedestals and flap their gums about how "orange man bad." The funniest part is they continually wonder why no one taxes them seriously and why their ratings are continually taking.

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