San Francisco Is Trying to Clean Up Its Poop Crisis But Now It's Moving to Grocery Store Aisles

Posted: Dec 20, 2019 9:00 AM
San Francisco Is Trying to Clean Up Its Poop Crisis But Now It's Moving to Grocery Store Aisles

Source: AP Photo/Richard Voge

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's (D-CA) lovely San Francisco district is one that has had many, many problems over the last few years. The city's largest employer, Charles Schwab, recently announced it's packing up and moving to Texas. The homeless population is taking over, and San Francisco's streets are littered with feces and dirty needles.

In fact, back in October, President Donald Trump criticized Pelosi for focusing on impeachment more than cleaning up her district. But things have taken an even greater downward spiral. A man was recently caught taking a dump in a Safeway grocery store aisle. But don't worry! He made sure to wipe, as evidenced by the pack of toilet paper he opened in the very aisle he pooped in.

What's sad is this is becoming the norm. San Francisco has such an issue with people taking dumps on the sidewalk that it has an entire department dedicated to cleaning up feces – a literal poop patrol – and three publicly available restrooms that are available after 8 p.m.

And while that has helped, it doesn't seem to be enough.

“We’ve seen a reduction in the number of reports of feces in the areas immediately around the pit stop bathrooms, including the ones that are 24 hours,” Supervisor Matt Haney told KRON-TV. “We obviously need more. We need to expand the number of these bathrooms and the hours.”

This year alone, the city has received more than 25,000 feces complaints. Haney said the entire ordeal is a "national embarrassment."

“This is a national embarrassment; it's also for many communities a disgusting, public health crisis, no one should be able to walk about and see poop smeared all over the place, no one should live in these conditions. It is not funny,” Haney said in November.  

Following the incident at the Safeway, Haney said, “We cannot have these conditions on our streets. It’s unfair to residents, it's unfair to businesses, to visitors. It’s embarrassing, and it’s just awful that people would have no other choice but to go on the ground.”