WATCH: Constituents Tear Into Freshman Democrat Kendra Horn Over Impeachment

Posted: Dec 16, 2019 8:40 PM

Freshman Rep. Kendra Horn (D-OK) is one of the Democrats that is currently in the hot seat because she supports impeaching President Donald Trump. 

Although Horn has continually said she doesn't know how she's going to vote once articles of impeachment comes before the full House, she did vote for the initial impeachment inquiry. 

“I am reserving judgment until I have all the facts and until I have reviewed any articles to be brought before the House of Representatives for a vote,” Horn told the Oklahoman in a statement. “I approach every vote and issue with the thoughtfulness, deliberation, and fairness that Oklahomans deserve.”

Horn's constituents aren't happy with her right now.

In fact, during town hall meeting in Oklahoma City last week, constituents told her they're "mad as hell" about impeachment. 

"Since your election, since the election in 2018, has been concentrated on impeach President Trump. We want Congress to get back to work for the American people, please," one woman said. 

Another constituent reminded Horn that Trump is "a duly elected president."

"I feel it's not your responsibility to take someone that was duly elected out of office," the woman explained. "We do that. So, as an independent voter, I think you'll get a lot of trouble if you vote for this impeachment."

"Where was this ever fair to our president, the one we put, that I voted for, we're mad, mad as hell," a man said. "There's not one county, not one county, in Oklahoma that voted for Hillary and yet, we don't have a voice... I want to know why, when you talk about procedure, that you allow the sham that is going on up there in Washington to go on. I don't think it's fair. I think there is a lot of people that feel the same way that I do."

A recent poll found that 49 percent of Oklahomans in the district want a new member of Congress, while only 37 percent said she should be reelected.

Her district, which encompasses Oklahoma City and the surrounding areas, supported Trump by 11 points back in 2016. The fact that she's in a Trump district puts her in even greater jeopardy of losing her seat. How she votes on the articles of impeachment can – and will – seal her fate.