WATCH: Jill Biden Attempts to Explain How Hunter's Wrongdoing Is Trump's Fault

Posted: Dec 14, 2019 2:18 PM

We know that former Vice President Joe Biden was handling international relations on behalf of the Obama administration in Ukraine. At the same time, his son, Hunter, was being paid more than $50,000 a month by Burisma Holdings, a corrupt Ukrainian gas company. And the kicker is he had no natural energy experience. But he did have access to the veep.

Despite all that we know, former Second Lady Dr. Jill Biden is still arguing that Hunter did nothing wrong. In fact, she blames President Donald Trump for wanting to get to the bottom of the Bidens' corruption.

"I know my son. I know my son's character," Jill Biden told MSNBC's David Gura. "Hunter did nothing wrong and that's the bottom line." 

Gura pressed the former Second Lady about how the Bidens respond to voters' questions about Burisma and Ukraine.

"You must have watched as your husband interacted with that voter in Iowa, very forcefully. There was a question about this. I imagine you and he [Joe] face questions about this from time to time on the campaign trail. What did you make of that response and how do you and he respond to the fact that this question keeps coming up?" the host asked.

Jill instantly turned the question into two parents defending their son against warrantless attacks.

"Well, I think that any parent who is watching this show knows that if anyone attacked their son or daughter, I mean, you don't just sit down and take it," she said with a half-hearted laugh. "I mean, you fight for your kid, and I think that shows that, you know, Joe's going to stand up to bullies and bullies like Donald Trump. And it shows his strength and his tenacity and his resilience."

Actually, this has nothing to do with a politician attacking an opponent's kid. This has everything to do with the fact that Hunter cashed in on his family's name and engaged in corrupt behavior. The Bidens are upset that they got caught. 

Not only that but they talk about Hunter like he's a 13-year-old boy, like Barron Trump. He's not. He's in his late 40s and has a rather shady past. Remember: he was dishonorably discharged from the Navy for failing a drug test. He's currently going through a lengthy court battle with a stripper he knocked up. She's suing him for child support and health care.