A Couple Purchased a Baby Bouncer at Goodwill and Something Totally Different Was Inside

Posted: Dec 05, 2019 11:45 AM

A military couple in Crestview, Florida went to the Goodwill store in Valparaiso to purchase a baby shower gift. When they saw the baby bouncer set for $9.99, they thought they found the perfect gift for the expecting parents. Not only did it cost less than $10 but it looked brand new and unopened.

During the baby shower, the father-to-be opened the gift and pulled out a loaded Mossberg 715T, the Palm Beach Post reported.

"You guys got me a gun!" the man screamed in an excited manner.

Partygoers ended up calling the Crestview Police Department once they realized what was in the box. An officer was dispatched. He checked everyone's IDs, determined that they were not prohibited possessors. The officers said the group could keep the firearm while the department investigated.

The father-to-be eventually had to hand the firearm over, the Crestview Police Department's public information officer Major Andrew Schneider said.

“Goodwill has the best treasures for $9.99,” the woman who bought the gift, Veronica Alvarez-Rodriguez, said.

Alvarez-Rodriguez shared a post about the experience on Facebook, saying that they bought Baby Jonathan his first gun:

Talk about well worth the $10. How come the rest of us can't find buys like this at Goodwill or other thrift stores?