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Sen. Kamala Harris's (D-CA) campaign team decided the 2020 presidential candidate could earn brownie points if she made a video reacting to clips of President Trump. The whole premise of the video is not only really odd but it's also really pretty stupid.

"I really wish I would have taken more psychology classes," Harris said at the beginning of the window as she began watching news clips.

“Anybody could have listened to that meeting. That meeting is open for grabs. You know, the whole Russia thing, it’s a hoax,” Trump said in the clip.

"You know what he's opened for grabs?" Harris asked. "The United States of America. He's selling us out. He's selling out our system of justice, not to mention that he has sold out our working people and sold out our values. 

So, let's follow Harris's logic here for a second. Trump tells the American people he is willing to be transparent, he's willing to provide information on Russia – the very hoax that Democrats spent more than two years pursuing – and that means he's "selling us out." Talk about making no sense.

Part of being the President of the United States is having communication with foreign leaders, even if they are adversaries. We can't live in complete isolation, even though some people would be incredibly happy with that. 

And everyone is tired of Harris's "tough on crime" prosecutor image she tries to paint herself with. Everyone sees through it. Even the leftist mainstream media challenged her "progressive prosecutor claim. When she was Attorney General in California, she prosecuted parents for truancy and guess what happened? As soon as she took the national stage she suddenly regretted it. Shocker.

But her commentary and insight into Trump are somehow going to win over voters? Yeah, right. 

"It's really rather fascinating. If it weren't so troubling it'd really be incredibly fascinating," she said. "And these are these moments where I really wish that I had taken more psychology classes."

We get it. You didn't take very many psychology classes in college, therefore you can't provide us any additional insight into the president's action. You're just a politician in a fancy suit, sitting in front of a computer, reiterating the same line over and over again. We could have seen the same thing from Joe Shmoe on YouTube.

And this lady is trying to be president. Lucky us.


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