Bloomberg Clearly Learned Nothing From WaPo's al-Baghdadi Obituary Blunder

Posted: Oct 27, 2019 3:12 PM
Bloomberg Clearly Learned Nothing From WaPo's al-Baghdadi Obituary Blunder

Source: AP Photo/Cheryl Senter, File

Just when we thought the Democratic media complex couldn't get any worse, they prove us wrong. Earlier in the day, the Washington Post decided to run an obituary on the death of ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. The problem though? They painted al-Baghdadi as some kind of decent man who studied Islam. It's like the outlet completely missed the years of beheadings, rapes and torture that the Islamic State carried out. 

The Post received quite a bit of flak for failing to call al-Baghdadi exactly what he is: a terrorist. But apparently others in the mainstream media didn't learn from WaPo's mistake. It wasn't long before Bloomberg shared an article about the terrorist's life. Again, he was made out to be a "teacher" no one knew about. Not a terrorist who orchestrated the kidnapping, raped and killing of young women or the beheading of journalists. 

And, again, Twitter was quick to point out the parallels between WaPo and Bloomberg. 

And guess what? The leftist news organization suddenly changed their tune. 

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Kurt Schlichter

When the leftist media wonders why average Americans hate them, this is a prime example. They hate President Donald Trump so much that they can't even label someone a terrorist when they literally carry out terrorist attacks. This shouldn't be something that's political. This is something that we should all agree on. An organization that kidnaps, tortures, rapes and murders people is disgusting and vile. And their actions should be condemned by all.