EXCLUSIVE: RNC's New Ad Focuses on Dems' Calls For Impeachment Leading to Nationwide Protests

Posted: Oct 11, 2019 3:35 PM

The Republican National Committee on Friday dropped a new ad called "Protests Erupt: Impeachment Backfires," which highlights Democrats' push for President Donald Trump's impeachment. Americans are increasingly frustrated with Washington's focus shifting solely to ousting Trump.

“Since Democrats launched their bogus impeachment witch hunt against President Trump, the RNC and Republicans across the country have been bringing the heat to the Democrats," RNC Spokesman Steve Guest told Townhall. "Our anti-impeachment protests have been a constant reminder for Democrat members of Congress that they have turned their backs on the priorities of their constituents while they push a partisan impeachment agenda.”

Last week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi stopped in South Carolina to raise money for the state Democratic Party. Instead of seeing smiling Democrats, she was greeted by Trump supporters who are tired of Democrats' impeachment push. 

When 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren got off the plane in Las Vegas to head to the gun control forum, Americans made sure she knew they didn't support her desire for Trump's impeachment. 

Reps. Elissa Slotkin (D-MI), Haley Steven (D-MI), Max Rose (D-NY), Collin Peterson (D-MN), Jared Golden (D-Me) and Mike Levin (D-CA) were all confronted by "Stop the Madness" protestors outside their district offices or at town hall meetings.

The RNC recently responded to the Democrats' impeachment shenanigans by making a $2 million TV ad buy in 25 to 50 Congressional districts where Democrats are vulnerable. It was the first ad buy the RNC made in more than eight years, signaling the seriousness of the Democratic Party's partisan impeachment move. The committee and the Trump campaign have also vowed to spend a total of $10 million in TV and digital ad buys to hit Democrats on this issue. 

Republicans continue to place pressure on Democrats by protesting outside the district offices of members of Congress, at their town hall meetings and press conferences. In addition, the RNC is pushing local and state parties to create "Stop the Madness" petitions in the field and use the impeachment issue as a means of registering more Republicans voters and volunteers ahead of the 2020 election.