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Members of Antifa are violent yet they hide behind this so called "peaceful" mentality. They act like they're hippies who come together, sit in a park and hold hands. We all know it's the furthest thing from the truth. Whenever they get together en masse, they cover their faces like cowards, yell obscenities, throw things and hit anyone who disagrees with them. Look at what happened to conservative journalist Andy Ngo. And he was merely reporting on what happened when he was repeatedly hit and had cement-filled milkshakes hurled at him. He suffered a brain hemorrhage as a result of the attacks.

The thing is, Antifa believes they're at war with anyone and everyone who disagrees with them.

Think they're being too violent? You're clearly against them. That makes you a white supremacist, even if you're a minority. You're automatically dubbed as someone who wants to "silence" and "shut them down." 

Think protest should happen without people fearing for their lives? You're obviously part of the government and Nanny State.

The most disgusting thing to come out of Saturday's protests (thus far) is one Antifa protestor telling Portland police officers to commit suicide. 

"Last year, more cops died in the line of duty. It's because you all know you're a parasite," the man is heard yelling in the background before coming into view. "Your job is morally and ethically bankrupt. You know you're a parasite so shoot yourselves. Shoot yourselves! Suicide is the only way out!"

That wasn't the only cop bashing that took place.

Another Antifa protestor called a black police officer a "race traitor" and an "Uncle Tom" simply because he's in law enforcement.

Are you kidding me? 

How does being in law enforcement make someone a racist or a white supremacist? Having a rule of law is something that takes place in every organized society. It's necessary to make sure we can all coexist with one another. Rules have to be established (which is what the legislative process is) and there have to be people who enforce those rules and laws (which is what law enforcement is, hence the name). 

This guy who told officers to commit suicide is a coward and a thug. Does he not realize the sacrifice these officers make on a daily basis? They put on that uniform every day before they go to work, not knowing if they'll come home at the end of their shift. And it's because of idiots like this who think violence against our men and women in blue is okay. And it's not.

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