ICYMI: Alyssa Milano Went On A Horribly Acted, Tear-Jerking Plea About Kids At The Southern Border

Posted: Jul 28, 2019 10:00 AM
ICYMI: Alyssa Milano Went On A Horribly Acted, Tear-Jerking Plea About Kids At The Southern Border

Source: Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File

Actress Alyssa Milano on Friday posted a Periscope video on Twitter with her reaction to Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA) questioning Border Patrol Chief Brian Hastings about child separation during a Congressional hearing.

"We are destroying- We are destroying lives," Milano said. "We are destroying children's lives because of a f***ing arbitrary line in the sand and we can't let this be the new normal."

According to Milano, the practice of separating children at the Southern Border "is not what this country was founded on [and] not innately who we are as human beings."

"We've got to take inventory of this, of what's happening and the humanitarian crisis at the border and we gotta do something," Milano said through tears. "We can't ignore what's happening. We can't allow it to continue. We must take inventory. We must do something."

She then referenced the video she eventually shared in a following post. She asked people to watch the whole video and to "allow yourselves to feel what's happening."

Milano shared the video she was referencing, which focused on children being reunited with their families after being separated by Border Patrol.

Where were people like Milano and other lefty politicians back in 2014 when conservatives were continually talking about the immigration crisis? Where were people, like Milano, when conservatives were continually saying there was a humanitarian crisis along the Southern Border?

They. Were. Silent.

You know why? Because President Barack Obama was in charge. And they wouldn't question all the "good" he was supposedly doing for the country.

Lefties are upset about family separation. That began under Obama.

Lefties are upset about the so-called cages illegal aliens are being held in. The pictures they show are from 2014 and, you guessed it, are from the Obama administration.

This faux outrage and being upset is getting old, especially when Democrats refuse to do anything monumental on the immigration front. President Trump has asked for money to build the border wall and Democrats refuse. He wants to reform asylum laws so people can't take advantage of our system. Democrats are outraged.

So, tell us, Milano and other Democrats: you say you want something done yet you refuse to tell us what that "something" is. Maybe now it's time to put down the cell phones and social media and come up with substantive policy suggestions. 

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