'Mini AOC' Parody Accounts Are Gone Thanks To Lefties Doxxing And Threatening An 8-Year-Old

Posted: Jul 04, 2019 11:15 AM

The Left has, once again, proven how truly disgusting they are. Their nasty tactics have hit a new low. Ava Martinez, known to most of us as "Mini AOC," frequently recorded parody videos and took photos making fun of the real Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY). Apparently AOC fans didn't like the 8-year-old's content so they started doxxing and threatening Martinez and her family.

The girl's stepfather, Salvatore Schachter, took to Twitter to explain why all of Martinez's accounts were suddenly deactivated and all content was removed:

Schachter told Fox News that Martinez is sad about no longer being "Mini AOC."

"She's disappointed at not doing Mini AOC going forward but we explained that this is for the best and she's okay with it," Schachter said. "The world has seen Ava's beauty, talent, and charm, which was the whole reason for Mini AOC to begin with and no amount of hate or anger will change that. Also, like Ava says, 'try using your words.'"

Although this tweet is on Schachter's Twitter account, the same content was recently posted to the Mini AOC account. She's clearly mocking Ocasio-Cortez's photoshoot outside of a so-called Border Patrol facility:

It's sad that the Left feels as though they have to dox and harass people but it's absolutely disgusting that they have to do it to an 8-year-old. She did nothing wrong. She's a kid who wanted to be an actress and this was one way for her to get publicity and practice for the real thing. 

Congratulations, Lefties. You just came after an 8-year-old girl. Does that make you feel powerful?