BAM: Tucker Runs Down a List of Democratic Party Shills Who 'Lied' When They Pushed Collusion Theory

Posted: Mar 23, 2019 1:41 PM
BAM: Tucker Runs Down a List of Democratic Party Shills Who 'Lied' When They Pushed Collusion Theory

Source: AP Photo/Richard Drew

During his Friday night show, Fox News' Tucker Carlson took viewers on a trip down memory lane. He played various clips from Congressmen, former CIA directors and talking heads that claimed President Donald Trump and others would be indicted for alleged collusion with Russia.

As we know, Special Counsel Robert Mueller has no more indictments, which includes President Trump.

According to Tucker, those who have made television appearances have done nothing but liec to the American people.

"The people on TV have been lying to you. They'll deny it now and will tell you this was always about Trump's taxes or some foreign real estate deal or hush money he paid to a girlfriend. That's a crock," Carlson explained. "This investigation was always, from day one, about collusion with Russia, about betraying this country. They told us that for years. And we have the tape."

Former CIA Director John Brennan previously appeared on MSNBC, at which point he said he was fairly certain there was evidence of collusion.

"That was the former CIA Director, one of countless retired intel officials you see parading across your screen every night, all of them paid by MSNBC and or CNN to tote the party line, all of them no better. They're lying. It's a habit many of them picked up years ago," Tucker explained.

Rep. Steve Cohen (D-TN) told CNN's Wolf Blitzer back in July that he thought the majority of the Trump family would be indicted. 

"That man [Steve Cohen] is a sitting member of Congress. He wears a necktie. He's on TV. People believed him. And why wouldn't they? He's an authority figure in this country and he was lying," Carlson said. 

During an interview on MSNBC, Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) said, which certainty, that President Donald Trump has indictments coming.

Then there was former Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean who said he anticipated indictments against various members of the Trump family. 

And who could forget Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA), the "original collusion truther," as Carlson calls him.

"There's no element of the Russia conspiracy that Swalwell, whose been on this show many times, is eager to believe and magnify," Tucker said. 

"We have lived through three separate investigations into Russia collusion, not just Mueller, but a committee in the House and a committee in the Senate and they spent years looking in this and in the end, they found nothing, but during this time, the country they're supposed to be running, has become obviously and measurably worse," Tucker concluded.