Two Anti-Gunners Prove They're Pro-Gun...But Only When It Benefits Them

Posted: Mar 11, 2019 5:50 PM

Second Amendment and gun control advocates flooded the Connecticut capitol over a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on several firearms bills. 

The bills in question would:

• Tighten gun storage requirements.
• Ban "ghost guns," a firearm that does not have serial numbers.
• Require those who are open carrying to show their permit to police.

The most ironic aspect of the entire ordeal? Anti-gunners are in favor of disarming long as they can be armed themselves.

One gun control advocate was caught sending a text message allegedly saying, "If I had a gun, I'd blow away Sampson and a large group of NRA."

Sampson refers to Connecticut State Senator Rob Sampson (R), a Constitutional conservative who has received the National Rifle Association's “Defender of Freedom Award."

According to the Hartford Courantthe threat was reported to the Capitol police:

Lt. Glen Richards of the Capitol police said the woman, whose name was not immediately released, had been sending a text to her daughter and was spotted by another person in the hearing room. She was removed from the room, was not arrested and departed from the complex without any further disturbance.

"We explained to her that people get upset and concerned,’’ Richard said of the text. "She was asked to leave for the day, and she did so. She was cooperative with us. She was very apologetic and understood what she did was wrong.’’

He added, “She had no weapons registered to her. She didn’t have any weapon. She was just in communication with her daughter.’’

Sampson himself said later that the incident had an impact on him.

"This day has been rough for me - seeing the hostility'' on all sides of the issue, Sampson said.

There was a second incident during the same here, this one involving the Executive Director of Connecticut Against Gun Violence. He allegedly smuggled a firearm receiver into the hearing:

Isn't it interesting how gun control advocates absolutely hate firearms until one can benefit them?

The threats Senator Sampson received are just a prime example of why so many of us are fierce defenders of the Second Amendment. It's because we value our life and our willing – and able – to defend it.