Petition Surfaces Following House GOP's Calls For Ilhan Omar To Be Removed From Committee Assignment

Posted: Feb 11, 2019 8:30 PM
Petition Surfaces Following House GOP's Calls For Ilhan Omar To Be Removed From Committee Assignment

Source: AP Photo/Jeff Baenen

House Republicans, as well as average Americans, want to see Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) stripped of her position on the House Foreign Affairs Committee. The calls for her removal come after Omar made statements alleging lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) of buying support for Israel. 

Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned Omar's comments but said nothing about her being removed from the Committee:

House Republicans continued to push for Omar's removal.

Rep. Elliot Engel, the Committee Chair, released a statement but failed to address whether or not Omar was staying on the Committee.

“As I have said, as Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, I will ensure support for Israel remains strong and bipartisan and I will shine a light on the evil of anti-Semitism and the danger it poses,” Engel said. “I will make the case to Members on both side of the aisle that our alliance and friendship with Israel are important to our countries’ shared interests, security, and values.”

A petition was started by Jacob Wohl, demanding Omar be removed. 

Here's what the petition says:

Rep. Ilhan Omar was flagged during the campaign for having a proclivity towards making antisemitic remarks, while refusing to condemn terror groups like Hezbollah and Hamas. 

Upon being elected to the House of Representatives, Speaker Nancy Pelosi placed Rep. Omar on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, which is critical in steering America's foreign policy. Since taking office, Rep. Ilhan Omar's antisemitism has continued, and even escalated. 

She blamed Jewish Money for America's pro-Israeli foreign policy and invoked "Benjamin's Baby" as an antisemitic trope aimed at Jared Kushner. 

Enough is enough! It's time for Rep. Ilhan Omar to be removed from the House Foreign Affairs Committee. 

At the time of publishing, over 27,000 people have signed the petition.