Rumor Mill: Trump National Golf Club Fires Illegal Alien Workers

Posted: Jan 26, 2019 6:40 PM
Rumor Mill: Trump National Golf Club Fires Illegal Alien Workers

According to a report by The Hillroughly a dozen employees at the Trump National Golf Club in Westchester County, New York were fired because they were in this country illegally. The company allegedly did an audit of the employees' immigration documents and determined they were fake. 

“Unfortunately, this means the club must end its employment relationship with you today,” a Trump executive told the employees, according to a recording one worker gave to the The Washington Post.

“I started to cry,” said Gabriel Sedano, a former maintenance worker from Mexico. “I told them they needed to consider us. I had worked almost 15 years for them in this club, and I’d given the best of myself to this job.”

According to Eric Trump, the Trump Organization is doing everything in their power to get rid of employees who submitted false paperwork during the hiring process.

“We are making a broad effort to identify any employee who has given false and fraudulent documents to unlawfully gain employment. Where identified, any individual will be terminated immediately,” Eric Trump said in an email to the Post.

Anibal Romero, the lawyer representing fired workers, said the company has established “a pattern and practice of hiring undocumented immigrants, not only in New Jersey, but also in New York.”

One of the Trump Organization's former managers backed up Romero's claim, saying it was more important to hire cheap labor than to check a person's immigration status.

Romero and the fired employees want an federal authorities to launch an investigation. 

The news comes after a month-long government shutdown where President Donald Trump demanded more than $5 million for a border wall and Democrats refused to give him even one dollar.

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