Facepalm: Gov. Moonbeam Compares Climate Change to the Nazis (VIDEO)

Posted: Dec 30, 2018 9:15 PM
Facepalm: Gov. Moonbeam Compares Climate Change to the Nazis (VIDEO)

California Gov. Jerry Brown appeared on MSNBC’s "Meet the Press" with Chuck Todd to discuss climate change and his infamous gas tax. The conversation started out normal, with Brown pushing the common liberal talking points of needing higher taxes to fight climate change. 

You won your gas tax fight, but rural Californians didn’t like it," Todd said.

"No, they don’t. They don’t like a lot of things. They voted against housing bonds, they voted for the Republican Cox who didn't even make 40 percent [against Gavin Newsom]," Brown said. "There is the same divide in California as in America. The red is different than the blue, and it is associated definitely with rural areas."

Naturally, his conclusion was to invest more in technology and infrastructure, like the failed bullet train, to "help the community."

"We need more rapid transit. We need trains and we need more efficient cars and we need all of that, and that's why this climate change is not just adapting, it's inventing new technology," Brown said.

Things took a very strange turn, however, when Brown compared liberals fighting climate change to that of soldiers fighting Nazis during World War II.

"I would point to the fact that it took Roosevelt many, many years to get America willing to go into World War II and fight the Nazis," he said. "We have an enemy and perhaps very much devastating in a similar way and we have to fight climate change and the president has got to lead on that."

It's highly unlikely that any Holocaust survivor would tell you that a mass genocide – not knowing if you're going to live or die because a monster wants you and your family dead – is similar to fighting climate change. How the hell can anyone even remotely compare the two? Doing so is not only morally wrong but, quite frankly, a disgusting political maneuver.