HA! Even Canadians Aren't Impressed With The Clintons And Their Roadshow Act

Posted: Nov 30, 2018 5:10 AM
HA! Even Canadians Aren't Impressed With The Clintons And Their Roadshow Act

Former President Bill Clinton and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton launched their 13-day speaking tour in Canada on Tuesday. "An Evening With The Clintons" was billed by LiveNation as a "one-of-a-kind conversation" between the two American politicians. Unfortunately for the Clintons, Canadians were about as interested in the show as Americans. There were so many tickets available before the show started that they were going for the price of a fancy Starbucks frappuccino – a whopping $6.55. 

According to The Daily Mail, there were  "banks of empty seats" throughout the hockey arena. Upper level and floor seats, which were pricier, were the areas that had the fewest seats filled.

The duo focused on taking jabs at the Trump administration. One particular point of focus was on what they believe is Trump's "Saudi cover-up."

"What makes this so troubling is how much commercial interest both the president's family and business and his son in law's family and business have with the kingdom," Hillary explained.

To make things even more interesting, former Canadian ambassador to the U.S., Frank McKenna, asked the Clintons various questions. He's also a major Clinton Foundation donor.

"It seems almost offensive to ask you but why does Putin hate you so much?" McKenna asked Hillary. "You seem like a very nice person."

"I think he saw me as someone who had stood up to him and would stand up to him," she replied. 

Of course, Bill touted the Democrats midterm sweep of the House. In his mind, the Left has an opportunity to undo some of the decisions Trump has made.

"We got a chance to become a democracy again and reclaim a debate," Bill said, adding that there were Republicans of good will "who don't want to make America a single homogenous authoritarian country. We got a chance to have a debate again now."

To make matters even worse for the Clintons, Hillary ended up with a coughing fit. She had to guzzle water and chew on cough drops.

The lack of interest in the Clintons and the dismal turnout...What does this tell you? Not only are Americans tired of the Clintons, but so are foreigners.